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Home again - unmitigated audacity
November 1st, 2009
07:20 pm
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Home again
I finally made it back home. Mostly, it was an easy and relaxed journey - just a long one.

A340 - SASFlight from Beijing was on time; an SAS A340, maybe my favorite plane these days (no, I haven't been on the A380 yet). I got a good seat, front row, lots of leg-space. I settled in with the Kindle, and happily no-one told me to quit during take-off (or landing), so I got some reading in. After the meal (noodles w/spicy chicken, really good for an in-flight meal) I got out the laptop and did some off-line email. Got a good deal done before I tired of it. Did some more reading, but I started nodding, falling asleep, re-reading the last paragraph, etc. Put the Kindle away, dozed for some our. Don't think I slept much, just some of drifting along in a semi-sleep state. Woke up a few times, read some more, etc. They served us another hot meal, and then we were landing in Copenhagen.

CPH was in a particularly effective mode Friday evening; zipped through passport control, bags arrived quickly, and in no time I was heading home on the metro. Arrived home to find the kid having friends visiting; lego everywhere, lots whoops and cheers from in front of the TV where the Wii was in action. We settled in, the friends where picked up by parents, and we had a relaxing evening. I did a bit of laundry, told a few tales, and tucked the kid in late. Finished washing and changing sheets, and then my brain went full stop. Fell asleep on the couch, woke back up and went to bed leaving the kitchen a mess.

The kid woke me up Saturday at 7:30, and I was out of the bed and feeling awake and reading to go right away. By some act of mercy there was no jetlag at all to be felt. I baked bread, helped the kid with a Halloween costume, baked chocolate cupcakes for the expected avalanche of witches, skeletons and vampires, went to look for tiles for the bathroom we're rebuilding, did the great grocery hunt, etc. I spent the evening relaxing with the family - mostly reading while they were watching TV. Ended up going to bed rather late - turns out I've never read Mark Twain in English before; the Kindle makes it easy to make up for that.

It's good to be home

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